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Welcome to Aesthetic Interiors (formerly known as Bespoke Fitted Furniture) the no nonsense website providing affordable high quality fitted furniture, custom built, hand crafted and tailor made for all purposes - turning your dreams and ideas into reality.


Joseph Whitaker is a Fine Art graduate who trained in City and Guilds carpentry and joinery then went on to serve an additional 5 - 6 years apprenticeship in the trade. Over the last 12 years his services have developed into a small business providing specific 'design and build' solutions to suit your individual needs.


Aesthetic Interiors is a London-based service that provides the designing, building, installing, and painting of both fitted and free-standing furniture for residential and commercial properties. By concentrating on the exchange of ideas between service and customer, we are able to fully understand what the best available options are to produce the finest results.

Some customers have a very clear idea of what they want, others may be more open to new ideas and suggestions. There are many cases where a combination of the two proves to be very successful.

To further ensure that the service achieves optimum effectiveness, our focus is on continual improvement, high-quality craftsmanship, cleanliness, reliability and punctuality.

Joseph Whitaker
Aesthetic Interiors
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